What is a Microbiome?

Your Unique Microbiome


Whats Inside?

Living on and inside, you are made up of trillions of microbes and bacteria: this is called  your Microbiome! In fact, your microbiome makes up over 99% of the DNA  you contain.

Your Microbiome and Your Overall Health

Your  microbial community is an essential part of your health and wellness.  Depending on the types of microbes you have, they help you: 

  • Produce Nutrients
  • Stabilize Your Metabolism
  • Provide Energy
  • Protect Your Skin From Inflammation
  • Keep Your Immune System Strong

From what comes out we can tell what needs to go in.

The foods you  eat and the activities you do, directly affect the type and variety of  bacteria in your gut. Changes in lifestyle and diet enable you to weed  out the bacteria you don't need and grow the ones that can help you be  your best.

Get Tested Today

Getting Tested Is Simple!

With our easy to use home testing kit, you can provide our lab with a sample of your unique gut bacteria.  From there we can determine the DNA makeup of your Microbiome.  

We will  then provide you with a personalized nutritional meal plan and exercise program specific to the unique DNA of your Microbiome.  

The complete package including the home testing kit, lab results showing your complete DNA Microbiome profile, a professional nutritional consultation and meal plan as well as an exercise program typically can cost $450.   

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Follow the plan to naturally support and balance your unique Microbiome and you are on your way to weight loss, better health and vitality.

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