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We Specialize in BioTE Bioidentical Hormone Optimization and Sexual Wellness

Hormonal imbalance causes loss of enthusiasm for daily life, decreased mental clarity, sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, decreased strength & energy.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement using BioTE Pellet Therapy can safely provide what your body is missing while providing incredible health benefits such as cardiac protection, bone & joint protection. Talk to your BioTE® Certified Preferred Provider today for a consultation about BioTE®. A simple blood test can help you get your life back. Located in Woodland Hills & Los Angeles


Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

1. Difficulty Sleeping

2. Lack of Energy and Fatigue During the Day

3. Reduced Mental Focus

4. Moody, Anxious or Depressed

5. Weight Gain, especially around the mid section

6. Inability to Lose Weight

7. Decreased Muscle Strength, Muscle Pain or Joint Pain

8. Reduced Sexual Desire or Performance

Jeffrey Sherman, DC, NP

Improve Hormone Balance

Dr. Sherman and his friendly staff can help you feel your best with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement.  Serving the San Fernando and Los Angeles Areas.

Feeling Better Starts With a Simple Blood Test!  

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We Offer BioTE bioidentical hormone replacement

We Also Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Do you or someone you know suffer with Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Sherman is a Certified GAINSWave Provider

Our Featured Services

BioTE Bioidentical HRT

BioTE Bioidentical HRT

BioTE Bioidentical HRT


Your hormones are one of the most important regulatory systems embedded  in your body.  As we age,  hormone production changes, and hormonal imbalance can occur. Unbalanced  hormones can have a variety of side effects and symptoms. Call now for bioidentical hormone replacement and biote pellet therapy.

GAINSWave ED Treatment

BioTE Bioidentical HRT

BioTE Bioidentical HRT


Forget shots, pills and dreaded embarrassment. Prime Wellness in Woodland Hills, CA  is revolutionizing how erectile dysfunction and Peyronies Disease is treated. The protocol involves acoustic sound waves that work by opening  the blood vessels associated with erections. The first drug-free, surgery-free, blood flow treatment solution cleared by the FDA.

Sexual Wellness

BioTE Bioidentical HRT

Sexual Wellness


We specialize in sexual wellness for both men and women.  From hormone imbalances to medications that stimulate your deepest desires, we can help you improve your intimacy and relationship health.

Pain Management

Weight Loss and Lipo - B Shots

Sexual Wellness


Don't suffer in pain! We have various chiropractic and orthopedic treatments that can help you get back to feeling better in no time at all.  Call today for a same day appointment. 

Weight Loss and Lipo - B Shots

Weight Loss and Lipo - B Shots

Weight Loss and Lipo - B Shots


Get lean, have energy and bring out the new you with our weight loss programs and Lipo-B Shots

Neurotransmitter Balance

Weight Loss and Lipo - B Shots

Weight Loss and Lipo - B Shots


Its all about balance!  Adrenal and neurotransmitter balance is the key to healthy brain chemistry.  If you suffer from depression, stress or anxiety, chances are your brain chemistry is out of balance.  It all starts with a simple test and we can help naturally.

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